With Joy…

…I floated on my back beneath a starry sky, surround by palm trees standing guard.

…I shared small worries and deep concerns and received truth and comfort.

…I listened to the wisdom and faith found only through Jesus in trial and trouble.

…I ate crepes in the sunshine and walked around San Francisco.

…I will get on the plane in a moment and re-read a few old pages of my journal.

…I will remember the times I would have despaired and how God brought me through each one.

…I will return to my classroom tomorrow and look into 23 smiling faces and tell them I missed them and told my friends how wonderful they are…

…and I’ll mean every word.

…I will endeavor to remember today and each day that there is no way like His way.

…I will draw water from the wells of salvation.

…and so much more…but they’re boarding the plane…and the journey continues.


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