“Who do you need to forgive for not being God?”

The question stuck me the first time I read it in a book on spiritual direction…and the second time I read it…and the third time.  On one hand, it is clearly ridiculous; why would we assume that anyone could live up to the divine?  On the other hand, it is all too easy to subconsciously presume that another person should surely, well, do better!

The temptation to impose expectations on others which are best reserved for the only One Who can fulfill them leads to all sorts of unhealthy things.  In this case, the irrational nature of the question points out our own faulty thinking.


One thought on “Forgiveness

  1. This is a question that could be asked and meditated on for years to come. Is it fair to say maybe we should ask ourselves this question any time we find ourselves being angry or impatient?

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