Blessed to Bless

“Father Abraham had many sons.  Many sons had Father Abraham, and I am one of them.  And so are you.  So let’s just praise the Lord…”  (Repeat no fewer than 6 times, adding motion each time and collapsing at the end.)

Bless his heart, Father Abraham is now indelibly connected to the #1 song taught to kids to make them move.  Never mind the theology behind the song; never mind the reasons we should praise the Lord as children of Abraham.  Just spin around and praise the Lord for the aerobic exercise in church, right? 🙂

Father Abraham (the guy, not the song) is awesome because he believed God and his faith was counted as righteousness.  God is awesome because, among other things, He does what He says He’ll do.  Every time.  One of the things He promised to do is bless Abraham and his family; He also promised to bless those who bless Abraham and company AND make Abraham and co. a blessing to the world. That’s a lot of blessing going on.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take a lot of blessing, thank you very much!

As I read part of Joseph’s story this morning, the blessings jumped out again and again.  God saved much of civilization from death by famine through Joseph’s dream interpretation and wise administration.  Pharaoh blessed Joseph by giving him honor, position, and loads of stuff.  Even Joseph’s initially slimy brothers blessed Pharaoh by caring for his livestock.

Usually I think of the story of Joseph as a mostly sad story, but it seems that Joseph didn’t see it that way, despite the betrayal and tears.  (Count how many times they “weep on each other’s necks.”)  Joseph got it– he saw his life as a blessing, not as bitterness.

Joseph was son of Abraham by family lineage; I’m a daughter of Abraham by faith.  I’d rather skip the betrayal, false accusation, and prison experiences of Joseph, but I want to be a blessing.  Maybe the blessing of God in my life includes an occasional round of “Father Abraham”, so I’ll work on not being bitter about it!

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