Thinking like an author

Do you ever narrate your life?

I do…not out loud,  but mentally.  The more I read, the more I think narrations.  Somehow, it sounds so much more interesting than real life actually is!  Maybe it’s a work-related hazard.  As a teacher of writing (albeit for young authors), part of my job is teaching my students to think like an author.  The stories I tell are simple, silly ones.  (Eating pickles for breakfast, for example.)  They are designed to communicate one message to my students: your life is full of stories worth writing.

The longer I live– not that long for me right now, but long enough to learn a little–the more grateful I am for a sovereign God Who is telling and working out beautiful stories all around me.  Some of them aren’t exciting per se, but they are beautiful.  Some of them are traumatic or dramatic, and we would all rather skip some parts.

The individual stories aren’t the only stories being told.  There’s a much bigger story being told that starts with perfection, includes a lot of misery and more redemption, and will end again with perfection for eternity.  THAT’S the story I want to participate in, with or without pickles for breakfast.  I want to know the ways of that Author, to let Him narrate my life.

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