In Case You’re Interested…

Get Out of the Way– This quote from Timothy Keller on his goal in writing about Jesus. “…when you’re actually reading, and you’re getting directly a sense of the greatness and the attractiveness of Jesus—and by the way, to say he’s attractive doesn’t mean he’s warm and toasty all the time. I mean, sometimes he’s scary, but he’s still attractive. I just want to say, I want other people to have the same experience I’ve had as I’ve read.”  So he tries to get out of the way.

Eighth Grade in 1895– This test is for 8th graders in 1895.  Yes, some of it is now irrelevant, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

“Bless” Boundless Podcast– If you’ve never heard of, let me introduce you to a webzine and podcast for young adults.  This episode starts with a challenge to bless the people around you and continues with a challenge to young adults to honor the spiritual leaders in our lives.  I’ll leave the Q&A section up to you.



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