Spring Break 2011: Gratitude Day 1

  1. The chance to lay in bed and fall back to sleep after waking up at my normal time.  What a treat!
  2. A video message from Bean and Bugaboo to start the day
  3. Conviction from James 3-5:grace and judgment and so much more
  4. Rocking a sweet baby to sleep
  5. Lunch of cous cous, mushrooms, tomato, fresh basil, and garlic: super yum!
  6. Watching the sweet baby endure green beans (but they can’t compare to sweet potatoes or bananas….let’s be honest!)
  7. A stack of magazines from the library for my upcoming three days of silence–most checked out, free of charge, and some purchased for all of 10 cents each.  I do love a deal!
  8. Cocoa cappuccinos in for-here cups–  one for me, one for Bean– because a delight shared is all the more delightful
  9. Take Two while sweet baby slept, even if we both struggled to finish a round and ended up putting it away early.
  10. Breaks from making chili and cornbread to chat with the little jumper
  11. Smiles and giggles in return for my time
  12. Little hands grasping mine as he “helped” make dinner from the carrier
  13. Discovery of a new book by a favorite author
  14. The chance to pray for a friend in great need in the midst of inability to help in any other way
  15. Peace about the rest of this week, surgery included
  16. The assurance that there will be plenty to be grateful for every day of this spring break

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