Spring Break 2011: Gratitude Day 2

  1. Four blossoms on my orchid plant and several buds with the promise of more
  2. E-sword free Bible software and linked access to Strong’s concordance
  3. Sunshine and a few bit of blue sky on the lake
  4. Slow mornings
  5. An afternoon in the kitchen
  6. Squishy (now clean) and almost seven years/90,000 miles together
  7. Grilled Cheese with spinach and cilantro~ yum!
  8. More phone prayers
  9. Kind encouragement from a sister who knows my heart well
  10. Christmas Cactus blooms en masse
  11. Finding a favorite recipe
  12. Baking homemade granola bars
  13. Dinner with the fam
  14. Grace
  15. Great lotion for over-washed cooking hands

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