Spring Break 2011: Gratitude Day 3

  1. Interesting bits of information- like the Ikea Effect
  2. Buds on trees with blue sky behind them
  3. Easy replacement of a missing Starbucks card
  4. A walk around the lake
  5. The need for sunglasses on my walk
  6. Sunshine on my walk, hail a few hours later, and snow a few hours after that~ welcome to Washington weather!
  7. Flowers everywhere I look
  8. Birds tweeting, chirping, and otherwise making it sound like spring
  9. Swings!  Need I say more?
  10. Time with precious women of faith
  11. This quote, from a woman much wiser than me: “And I just thank the Lord, because every little thing counts.”
  12. Emails, texts, words, and smiles from so many friends and family assuring me of prayers for tomorrow’s adventure: surgery
  13. The way Drew rubs his eyes when he is sleepy
  14. Old tv shows on Netflix for entertainment during random cleaning activities
  15. This tree, which makes me smile every time I see it
  16. Healthy activities for control freaks feeling slightly out-of-control: cleaning, cleaning, praying, journaling, Bible reading, baking, and more cleaning
  17. Instagram iphone app for editing photos
  18. Listening to a variety of voices from a wide variety of people read scripture together in pursuit of knowing Him
  19. Yummy Italian dinner- thanks, LivingSocial, for the great deal!
  20. <Watching these two hang out
  21. Candy Cane Tea
  22. Greek Yogurt with fresh strawberries and pumpkin granola
  23. Wordle and Tagxedo as bible study tools- they’re a great way to see which words pop up frequently in the text
  24. A great spring break!
  25. This song– “Blessings” by Laura Story
  26. My little crack up and his giggle

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