Spring Break 2011: Gratitude Wrap-Up

  1. Flowers overflowing their beds
  2. Trees and flowers sharing their scents
  3. A night and a half of sleep- 12 hours
  4. A walk with my sweet “Angela-sitters”
  5. Morning kisses, drool and all, from Drew
  6. The smell of coffee when waking up
  7. Rain on skylights
  8. Journaling with colored pens
  9. “Reading” books with Drew- I hold the book, he turns and tries to eat the pages
  10. Being off pain meds entirely
  11. A neighbor who prays for me
  12. Homemade strawberry ice cream
  13. Little fingers holding onto his mama
  14. The change of focus that comes with looking for things to be grateful for~ I’d highly recommend it.
  15. The ability to speak instead of squeak!!

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