Gratitude @ Work

I am blessed at work in many ways…23 little people to love, to start.  But since I can’t post pics of them, here are a few more reasons to be thankful at work.

1. The globe, moved down to be more easily explored as we learn about the continents.  Geography has never been more fun!

2. Naming each area of the classroom and the accompanying comments: “It’s so cold over here in Antarctica!  I’m gonna go to Africa to warm up!”

3. Speaking of Africa…country names everywhere- on the couch, tables- even when they are missing a letter.  (No, there haven’t been protests or war in Egypt or Libya yet, though those world events have come up.)

4. Books from the library for a book frenzy- 30 seconds with a new book and a partner to explore before passing it on.

5. Phototropic plants, carefully seeded by little fingers and headed to the school garden before long.

6. A reminder of my own education as I teach

7. Breathe: directed by my speech therapist and a good reminder for my soul.  (Placement near the escape key is not intentional. :))

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