Perfect Peace

You never know what you’ll find in a doctor’s office.  My visit to the otolaryngology clinic at UW yesterday led to the discovery of this labeled cabinet in the exam room.  I didn’t get a button (thankfully!!), but I did snag a picture while the doctors and speech pathologist were chatting about me somewhere else.

You never know where God’s going to surprise you with a reminder that you’re not in control.  It’s true; I can mentally acknowledge that I am completely dependent on God’s grace and provision for everything in life.  Somehow, though, when it comes to not being able to do something I’m supposed to do, that restful dependence disappears and in its place comes the burden of self-decreed failure.

Along with it comes the all-to-common resignation that something is wrong with me.  In this case, it was something wrong with my personality- a drivenness that apparently makes me “the kind of person that this happens to.”

I sat in the speech pathologist’s office as she told me to do things with my voice that I couldn’t do and she couldn’t teach me to do.  About 7 minutes passed before I bursted into frustrated tears- frustrated that I couldn’t do what she wanted me to do and frustrated that my muscles tried to maintain my voice and just made things worse.

Thankfully and somewhat mysteriously, my voice recovered while she was assisting a surgeon in another room.  I am quite glad to be talking again and not taking a moment of speech for granted!  That said, there’s a lesson in everything, and this one might take awhile to sink down deep.  (I don’t want to keep re-learning it…but maybe that’s part of the issue, too!)  

There’s nothing quite like working really hard to do your best…and having your best be the opposite of what you should be doing.  That’s where Jesus’ offer of perfect peace comes in.   Isaiah 26:3 is clear in Laura Story’s song, “Perfect Peace.”  Enjoy!


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