Sent from my iPhone

In the midst of a seven-hour drive, I pulled out my phone to check mail and Facebook, update a few apps, and delete last night’s shopping list. I found this unposted draft, and realized it might provide fodder for valuable reflection, especially as I head into a weekend of family– not phone –time. (except for camera use, which may lead to instagram use and fb and…)

“I’ve had my iPhone for a little over a week. Already, my habits of thought have changed. When I realized tonight that I would need to wait a few minutes for the rest of my family, I felt ok with the wait because I had my iPhone with me. I would have instant entertainment at my fingertips and would not have to develop even one more ounce of patience.

I resisted the switch to an iPhone because of the cost. I resisted because of the increased connection to my email and Facebook accounts.

Maybe I should have resisted on the basis of preserving

The bit of patience I had.

Sent from my iPhone”


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