(Re-) learning

“Do it again, counting out loud.”

“This time, play it staccato.”

“Again.  Keep counting.”

“Now, add your left hand.”

Teaching piano involves some explanations, some demonstrations, and some evaluation.  Today it included all of the above as well as some directed practice.

The old adage says that “practice makes perfect.”  Some say practice makes permanent, and perfection depends on how you practice.  It’s true for playing the piano, and it’s true for thinking.  Repetition of the wrong notes or the wrong timing makes it easy–natural– to play the passage wrong.  In the same way, unhealthy or untrue thoughts become more and more entrenched as I rehearse them.  Unhealthy and untrue beliefs follow quite naturally.

My Teacher offers a better way- He speaks life.

When habit dictates perfectionism, my teacher Jesus whispers, “Peace.”  When fear of failure looms, He calls me beloved.  Instead of “do, do, do,” He says, “Come.”  And when I see years of practicing wrong and get discouraged, He reminds me that there is no condemnation in Him.

“Redemption’s now the story of my soul.”

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