Faith is not my focus

…or at least, it’s not supposed to be! 

N.T. Wright argues that faith should function like a window- it should allow us to see God and allow God’s light in.  The window is not the point; the sight outside is!

The last few months have involved a lot of soul-searching and faith examining as I traced the cracks in the window of my faith.  I wished I could fix them and therefore see God fix my situations here and there, and my own reflection in the glass became my focus.

I even searched the scriptures to see what Jesus said about faith, seeing the smears and imperfections of my own heart and losing sight of Jesus in the process.  At some point, resignation set in and I decided that God would have to do what He could with my current (pathetic) faith and accompanying prayer for more/stronger/better faith.

Surprise, surprise!  God may have been waiting for me to give up and- shock of all shocks- let Him be God!  While I still aspire to grow in my faith and believe God will provide opportunities (probably in the form of challenges) to do so.

God is God.  I am not.  He is good, and when I catch sight of Him, my faith falls back into its proper place as a God-given gift to enable me to see Him.


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