Safe and Sound

It seems to me
/in my limited life experience/
that we all need
/yup, need- even when we wish we didn’t/
people–friends and mentors
/don’t be scared of the title; it’s a compliment/
who are safe and sound.

with your best interests at heart
/God’s best/
tight lips
/no joy in getting your dirt; no plans to share it/
shared tears and laughs
/don’t forget the Kleenex/
a hug when you need it
/avoidance of platitudes/
and acknowledgement that sometimes there are no easy answers.

reminders of what you once knew
/without lording over you your need for reminders/
prayer before you go
/especially when you don’t know how to pray for yourself/
encouragement to trust Jesus
/even when it’s hard/
and truth you desperately need
/this means knowing and sharing the truth when it is hard to hear and sometimes unwelcome/

In my limited life experience, when you find safety and soundness
/encapsulated in one or more real live humans/
you’ll usually find love, too.
/the real, messy, pain-inducing, heart-breaking, joyful investment is what I’m talking about here./

At that point, hang on. You’re in for a great ride.


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