Help in the form of legal counsel

No, we didn’t get sued, nor did we sue anyone else, though we did enjoy a visit to the Supreme Court.

Instead, we got sick. By “we” I mean the two youngest “kids”- Sher and Zachary- have been sick this afternoon. We were in the Library of Congress with both cars parked a good distance away and the heat index somewhere around 110 degrees when our legal counsel arrived.

A official-looking and official-acting man stuck unusually close after Zachary got sick, then stepped in to ask if we were ok. The building was closing, and we were headed into the heat and humidity with two sick ones.

In the end, the legislative counsel for the House of Representatives took us on a long but air-conditioned walk through a series of underground tunnels under the House office buildings. He set us up in a cafeteria, drove the dads to the cars in his car, found them parking, then came in to walk us back to the cars.

I don’t know when I’ve experienced a Good Samaritan like this before, but he was heaven-sent. Yes, we would have made it without George’s help, but he made a rough time a lot smoother.

Friday afternoon at 5:00pm is not the easiest time to spend a couple hours helping 10 strangers, but he did. May I be so quick to offer help even to strangers and even despite inconvenience…even if I’m not legal counsel.

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