Life, fortune, sacred honor

Thomas Nelson Jr. did.

In the battle at Yorktown this American general directed his men to aim their cannon at his home, then under control of occupying British forces led by General Cornwallis. When they would not out of respect for him, he aimed the cannon himself.

Nelson did not attack foolishly, though. His home was the second largest in Yorktown, and after the British had their first headquarters destroyed, it was logical to assume that they would move to the next best building. As it happened, the British simply housed soldiers in Nelson’s home. When the attack began, the forces moved out.

To this day, a cannonball from the Revolutionary War remains in the wall of Nelson’s home. Whether it is one he shot himself or not is unknown.

What is known is this: Nelson pledged his life, his fortune, and his sacred honor when he signed the Declaration of Independence. He kept his word despite the cost for a cause he believed in.

As I rode away from his house on a Segway, enjoying a vacation with my family and sacrificing nothing greater than my preferences, my mind wandered. What would I sacrifice for Christ, the “cause” and delight of my life? When the time comes to aim the cannon, will my own comfort be so readily injured? Will my security be so rooted in allegiance to Christ that all may suffer but my commitment to Him?

What small steps today and tomorrow will prepare me? Sometimes the cost cannot be counted in advance. However, the declaration can be signed. My life, my fortune, and my sacred honor are due to the One Who gave His for me.

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