A Matter of Motive

Fear or joy- most of what I do (and don’t do) flows from one or the other or both.

I brush my teeth regularly out of fear of bad breath and the joy of minty clean teeth.  I organize my closet by color because I enjoy being able to find clothes quickly and easily.

I don’t write at times out of fear- fear of being misunderstood, of words being more hurtful than helpful.  I write at times because my heart is full and writing allows me to share the joy.

Sometimes, though, fear is clear and joy seems small…and I don’t like it.  The resulting action may or may not be different, but my heart is unsettled.  And in the midst of my frustration and ick, the One Who knows speaks peace.  Jesus reminds me of who I am and Who He is, and His love squeezes out the fear.  The joy of His presence changes my motives, and the paralysis lifts.  



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