Random Redemption

“Identify three positive and three negative experiences in your life and describe how they have formed who you are now.”

The funny thing is that when I thought about this, the three positives were long-term situations involving great communities, and the negatives contributed to greater growth than I previously thought possible.  One example is my recent voice loss issues- I was forced to learn and make changes internally and externally to maintain my ability to talk.  By God’s grace, the last 10 months have been the healthiest of the previous 5 years, both emotionally and physically!  

That is to say that I can’t think of a negative experience in my life that was not somehow redeemed.  They were not fun, and I would not have chosen any of them initially, but between the learning and the grace, redemption has come.  

That is NOT to say or imply that I have been responsible for an abundance of lemons-turned-raspberry lemonade situations.  Joseph said that God intended evil perpetrated by his brothers for good.  While I don’t see a lot of evil intention on the part of my family or friends, I do see a lot of good and kind intention on God’s part to transform pain and confusion into joy and peace.

For that, and for a brief chance to remember and rehearse, I am grateful.


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