Do like the ducks?

Not the Oregon ducks- the real duck momma with her ducklings.

We were finishing a walk around the lake yesterday when we stopped to let this momma and her eight fluffy bums waddled across the road. (Yes, we did joke about taking a car for them; no, it is not recommended and in any case was unnecessary.)

The conscientious momma duck had unfortunately chosen a completely fenced driveway as her access point to the lake, and while she wandered, squawking, back and forth, she was too big to slide under or around. After a few minutes, all eight babies had ducked under the fence, and momma was getting stressed.

Finally, I walked down and held the gate open far enough that she could get through, but she refused. I was tall (ok, to her) and scary, and she threw herself at the chain link fence several times in an effort to stay away from me. My sister and mom eventually got close enough that they were scarier than I was. She warily edged closer and slipped through, happily reunited with her ducklings and firmly in charge once again.

As we finished our walk and headed home, I was struck by how often I am like this momma. When I don’t see the way, I stress, forgetting that the One much greater than me will always make a way. Sometimes, that way is not the one I wanted, though, and I, too, shy away from the best thing for me. I can throw myself at the fence, squawk, and generally freak out…

and He still makes away. Here’s hoping that I remember the lesson of the momma duck!



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