Sweet Community: Parental Friends*

Once upon a time, I was sure that I would have joined the ranks of parents by now. My life plan involved being married by the time I was 25 and having a child or two by now. I would be spending my days changing diapers, having play dates at the park, and wiping snotty noses.

As you may know, this once upon a time is not my current reality, and while there are times when I wish it were, I believe that there is purpose in this time. I get to love on 25 little ones in my classroom each day, hang out with a great group of pre-teens and teens at youth group, and play auntie/grown up friend to my parental friends’ kids…

…which is where the sweet community comes in. In the last month, I have changed diapers, had play dates at the park, and yes, wiped a snotty nose or two. I get to kiss owies, plan surprises, exchange hugs, snuggle newborns and high-five big kids. I get to sing about Jesus, pray for a good night sleep, and teach to say, “I’m sorry.” I get to live my life knowing little eyes are watching…and I get to sleep at night. 🙂

Someday, I hope to miss hours of sleep for a little one who shares my name. For now, even if they don’t shout “mama,” their little growing voices are precious. “Anga” works for me.

So here’s to all my parental friends who share their sweet wee ones with me in this journey. I am better for it.

*Parental Friends- friends who are parents. Although my parents are wonderful people and definitely friends, they deserve another post altogether and don’t fit into this one.

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