Christmas Card Dilemma

There’s this lovely period in college and immediately there-after when you may get to be a pseudo-adult. By this I mean that some of those grown-up expectations apply, but others don’t.

Which ones do and which ones don’t generally depends, as far as I can tell, on your family and community. In my family and community, you are expected to show up, help clean up after dinner, pay your bills on time, etc. Sending Christmas cards and making meals during the holidays, as far as I can tell, are optional until you get married.

Then, you should plan to be a fully-functional adult and decide whether or not you will send Christmas cards, New Years letters, or whatever other message of cheer to those whose addresses you can track down. (Producing meals with your spouse is expected, regardless.)

I think I stretched the Christmas-card optional piece about as far as I could. And, since I actually enjoy the tradition of receiving non-junk mail and seeing pictures of everyone else’s cuteness, I figure I should contribute.

That leaves the photo dilemma. Shall I, as a single person, send a photo card? No hating on those that do- I decided not to. The photos I have of myself include a school photo (from this year- it’s a “perk” of the job) and photos with my family and friends. Sending a photo of me with my new nephew seems like a bad idea; I’d rather skip the questions from my non-Facebook friends about who the baby is. In between making gallons of hot chocolate for my class and purchasing gifts, my solution to this little issue was to go with a (boring) generic card + a little personal addition.

This is Ephesians 1 in a tagxedo word cloud. Why Ephesians 1? More on that to come.

For now, suffice it to say that my Christmas card dilemma is solved for the year. Now I have 11 months to figure out the next solution…wish me well!


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