Happy brain

Nothing excites me quite like new learning. It doesn’t need to be new to the world- it’s usually not! But when I wrap my brain around a new-to-me idea, especially when it relates to missions and theology, two of my favorite subjects, I feel like a kid in a doughnut shop with all the glass removed.

This week I got some training in cultural tendencies and preferences. One day, we focused on the worldviews* of culture. The predominant worldview in most western cultures is guilt-innocence. That is to say that it is good/respected to be innocent and the worst thing is to be guilty. (I see this at work in the way we discipline. When an incident occurs, an investigation is conducted to ascertain the guilt and innocence or the involved parties.)

Therefore, most western Christians have been taught and see the Gospel-the good news of Jesus- through this lens. Jesus came to take the punishment that we, the guilty, deserved. And the scriptures bear this out. (Romans Road, anyone?)

But there are other worldviews, too. And my new learning this week was that the Gospel is no less powerful when seen through another lens.

We had the resident missiologist sitting in on our cultural training sessions this week, and he kept reminding us that all nations, tribes, and tongues will be represented at the throne someday. Their cultural distinctions will be present, glorifying the Lamb in their uniqueness.

So it makes sense that the Gospel applies to every culture now!

More to come…


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