Off we* go…

into the wild blue yonder- not so much.

to Faith Academy in Manila- yes!

I wish I could list every way I have seen provision, grace, encouragement, and kindness in the last 16 months- the time from the start of this process until now. The years before that included a lot of what I call now “God’s gracious ‘No.'” More on that later.

For now, I’d like to address a few frequently asked questions:

1. What is Faith Academy?
Faith Academy is a pre-K through 12th grade international Christian school designed to serve the needs of missionary kids. Students come from over 20 different nations and many different missions to receive a college-prep education.

2. What will you be teaching?
I will be teaching third grade (and I’m super excited to meet my kiddos!!)

3a. What language do they speak?
Filipino, based on Tagalog (tuh-GALL-og) is the most commonly spoken language in the Manila area, though English is spoken as well.

3b. Will you be teaching in English?
Yes! Many of my students will be English language learners, which means my training during college in this area will come in handy.

4. Where will you live?
I will in a house about 10 minutes from school with several other teachers from Faith. This is one of those answers to prayers I hadn’t yet prayed when it was answered!

5. Will you get paid?
By the school- no. Tuition is affordable for missionary families because the staff (from the superintendent on down) is volunteer missionary staff. Many friends and family who believe in this work have generously supported me through my mission, One Challenge International, and my one-time costs are now covered! I am currently at about 55% on my monthly support budget of about $2,000/month. If you want to join, you can contact me and/or go to and click “give,” then put in my name.

6. Why are you doing this?
Basically? Because someday I will join with brothers and sisters from every nation, tribe, and tongue in singing the song of the redeemed, and I want to be a part of that song now. Because God said, “Go.” and followed it up with making it happen. Because my life was changed when I was seven years old, and the only appropriate response to the grace of God in my life is glad obedience. That’s the short version. 🙂

7. How can I learn more?
I send out email updates as well as monthly newsletters, and you can sign up by emailing me at angeladawn (at) gmail (dot) com. *No spaces*

8. When do you leave?
My first day of work will by July 19, so I’ll hopefully be leaving a week or so in advance to start getting used to the weather, culture, etc. Exact dates are TBD.

9. How long will you be there?
My initial commitment is 2 years. After that- only God knows!!

*We, you ask? Yes, it is *just* me, but it’s not- my family and friends will not be physically present, but I consider your support to be huge in making this adventure possible! I am also reminded that “the One Who reigns forever…is a friend of mine.”


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