Today was my last day of work in Team 211, the playground-side classroom where I have spent most weeks of the last 5 years. I was told in the interview process that I was “the dark horse…like Michael Phelps” I could possibly come from behind.  

Five years later, I am positive that this was the perfect place for me. I started there as a baby teacher and leave with professional experience.  More than that, though, I leave (for now) a family of staff and “my kids.”  

And for that reason, today was mostly bitter.  

I look forward to the sweet- the kids who will soon be “mine” for the year, the building a happy, healthy classroom community, the working with more amazing educators.  

But today, there were plenty of tears.  If there were no bitterness at all in leaving, would there have been much to the last 5 years?  If it was easy to leave, would I have been there well?  

A huge thank you to the families and staff who made me feel sooooo loved!  What kindness and generosity I was blessed with today!  It was a little sweet in this midst of the bitter.


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