Trikes and rice and pepinos (cucumbers)!

Highlights from today:

-meeting many of the Philippine Challenge (OC in the Philippines) team. We had lunch together (KFC chicken and rice with gravy for me!) and I got to hear about what PC does here. The latest estimate is that there are 70,000 churches in the Philippines, and many are multiplying quickly. It’s so cool to see the attitude of the staff as serving the local church here.

-learning to ask about fruit and veggies at the market: “Ano ito?” (What is it?) Ate Rikka, one of the filipina staff at the Philippine Challenge office, helped me through a cultural outing today with a trip to a small market and the bank. We came home on a tricycle. 🙂 She would explain to the vendors that I am a language learner, they would laugh, and I would ask about the fruit and veggies.

-riding a trike. We got a ride from the main road to the office on a tricycle. I would love to share a picture, but my phone was convinced that it was full and would not cooperate at the time. I’ll get that taken care of tonight so I can share more pics!

Ok, it’s dinner time! More later!

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