Happy Teacher Heart

How do you make a teacher happy before school starts? For this teacher, the formula is simple:
classroom + information for planning purposes + time to work = happy teacher heart. There’s nothing like being able to plan.

I got into my classroom today!! Yay!! It was a happy teacher day- I got to arrange my classroom, got my specials schedule so I could plan (and create my Planbook), and got the curriculum binder for third grade to see the Faith way of doing things. It’s so nice to find pieces with which I am familiar- Words Their Way, Making Words, Daily Five and Cafe Menu, to name a few.

Now, I have as many fresh questions as answers, but everyone has been super helpful, and I have a few days to keep working on it before New Staff Orientation on Friday.

In other news, I had dinner with a couple from the Philippine Challenge team tonight and got to hear their advice for settling in. I thought it was good for everyday life, no matter where you are:

You have 10 emotional dimes for each day. Spend them well.

The idea is that things will come up (especially, but not only cross-culturally) that could drain your emotional tank. If you roll with the punches and stay flexible, you can avoid spending all of your emotional dimes on an hour-and-a-half trip to the bank (my experience in getting a debit card yesterday). Or, you can spend them on unmet expectations and have nothing left for truly important things. It was an analogy that I will remember!

Ok, it’s 9:28, and I have stayed up late enough for being 3 days and nights into this side of the world.

Love from Manila!

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