Of money and SIM cards and key clips


Thanks to Rich and Marla, I had a super productive afternoon! I exchanged some money and can now buy phone minutes/texts. My mom got my iPhone unlocked, so I’m still a one-phone girl. (Yay!) I got a new SIM card and have started collecting new contacts. (Sidenote- did you know that larger SIM cards are just extra plastic? I took a chance on a PHP59- less than $2- SIM card this afternoon and trimmed it to fit the slot in my phone, and it worked!)

The SIM card also came with 5 free international texts, which is wonderful unless you or your international people are asleep until they expire after one day. Shout out to iMessaging and Facetime, which have been my main modes of communication with the other side of the Pacific thus far.

I also found my St. Francis Hospital retractable key chain, which was a gift from a good family friend, Les. I have never worked at St. Francis, but I was in need of a keychain for my new work keys. I stumbled across this and gave thanks for Les and his kind heart! St. Francis will be well-represented in Manila this year. Ok, maybe only marginally represented, but still!

I finished the afternoon by setting up my new online banking and helping make Indian Butter Chicken with Marla. I’ve forgotten how to say “delicious” in Tagalog, but I’ll work on it tomorrow!

love from here to there,


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