Rhythm and Rhyme

I’m about ready for them- rhythm and rhyme.  The last weeks of transition have been great and full and busy and anything BUT routine.  My time at the Hendersons’ last week felt, at times, like a vacation.  I lived out of my suitcases, didn’t have to be responsible for much, and got to sit and chat with them for hours on end.  It was a lovely introduction to the climate, time zone, the culture, and a few of the life forms that call this area of the world home (geckos, who definitely get their name from the “geck-oh” sound they make in the evenings, frogs, and assorted bugs and birds).  

And then reality started. 🙂  Yesterday, Nicole (one of three roommates with whom I will share our house) and I moved in.  I moved the furniture in my bedroom around, partially for the furniture and partially to make it mine.  The suitcases are unpacked, decorations are partially up, and I remade my bed with the sheets I brought.  Sometimes, it’s the small things that count for a lot.  

I get to this I’m-done-with-summer-spontaneity-point most years, and honestly, I have since childhood. It’s just compounded by the change this year.  While I could always use more time to prepare for the beginning of school, I just want it to start.  I want to get up at the same time every morning, do basically the same thing every day, and know a teeny, tiny bit of what to expect.  

Truthfully, I think this great internal desire for a rhythm in my life is part of the reason I enjoy teaching.  Each subject, day, week, and year has a distinct rhyme to it.

I like that.  

The next 9 days are here so I can get ready.  Here we go!

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