Sweatiest Day Yet!

Ok, some of you stopped reading because of the gross title.

But it’s really true!

Today was a great day- a day of remembering, again, how amazingly privileged I am to be here. It was a day of gratitude for God’s kindness in placing me in this community for this time. It was a day of fresh humility as I look with wonder and awe at His sovereignty.

All Staff Retreat continued today and included several times of corporate worship through song (accompanied by banjo once, piano/guitar another time), several speakers (more on that in a bit), an afternoon of “bonding” at a huge local market, and line dancing after dinner with everyone from the elementary children of staff to the Head of School. Between the market and the line dancing, we all got pretty warm and sweaty!

A few of the speakers today included Tine (pictured below) and Tom Hardeman (Head of School). Tine and his wife, Jan, have four kids (including Tom) and have been serving at Faith Academy for the last 56(!) years. Tine challenged us to be grateful and to teach our kids to be grateful. Tom asked us to resist the “I’m-just-a-volunteer” mentality and the subtle temptations to be less than our best as we serve the King and His people. I really appreciated his charge to step up and engage in the lives of kids who don’t usually get attention and could really use a caring adult to step into their world.

Throughout the day, I found myself amazed at the gift of this time and this place and the chance to be a part of it. To those of you who are helping to make it possible, I pray that you are deeply rewarded both now and later for your investment in this little piece of God’s kingdom.


(Oh yeah- I also found Cat on top of the kitchen cabinets this morning. She’ll go anywhere.)

2 thoughts on “Sweatiest Day Yet!

  1. I can still remember waking thru the markets there. The smells, not so great. The sounds and people.
    Grace was so excited to get your magnet! It’s on her board in her room so she remembers to pray for you! Sounds like your right where your are supposed to be! That’s awesome!!!

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