Malls, McDo, and Traffic

What do you do for fun around here? You go to the mall! The malls here put other malls to shame. Consider this: you could go to the doctor, get your groceries, visit Ace Hardware, check out the surplus (American leftovers) clothes, get lunch, get your teeth cleaned at the dentist, visit a department store, see a movie, play a game at the arcade, and more at the mall. At a few malls, you could even get a pudding Frappecino from Starbucks. (No, I haven’t tried it yet.)

I went with the roomies (Amanda, Nicole, and Kelsie) and Mark to the mall last night to get some setting-up-house supplies. I am trying to avoid that “totally tourist” look, so I didn’t take a picture of the pillow that said, “Hug a WHITE” in the department store. There were others that said “Hug a RED” and “Hug a GREEN” but in a country where I feel whiter than ever, the white one stuck out. I also bought some facial moisturizer, but had to ask for help to find the two types that did not promise to further whiten my skin. I’m white enough, thank you very much!

Oh yeah- and you could get spaghetti from McDo (pronounced “mick-dough”). I stuck to chicken nuggets myself.

When you hear people talk about traffic in Manila, they’re serious. Moving slowly is one thing; just about getting crushed by trucks and vans is another. I will need to practice the polite “I’m here- don’t run me over” horn tap. It is frequently necessary.

Today was church! That’ll be another post at some point soon, as will my list of things America really should consider importing. For now, good night from this side of the world!

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