Catch Up (not banana) Post

The title of this post comes from the fact that most ketchup here is made from bananas. I now have a legitimate reason to enter a McDonalds…they have real ketchup.

Aside from that, this post is my attempt to cross a few items off my ever-growing “Things to Blog About” list. While I am following the advice I give my students (to keep a list of ideas for writing), enough is enough. Here’s the low down (sp?) on the last few weeks of life. (*Warning: longish post ahead. Read at your own risk!*)


I finished prepping my classroom and have now taught third grade (and only third grade- weird!) for 6 days. Each day gets better than the last as I get to know my little team and they get to know me. One of the fun things about having a few years of experience is that I know what kind of community I want my class to become, but I get to discover what that will look like for the 25 of us this year.


The couch seems to be a big hit. This was part of our first day- we did a chalk talk about all sorts of things, including:

According to one student, a great teacher is “strikt.” According to another, a great teacher is “not strict.” They’re stuck with me this year regardless. 🙂


Florence has been an amazing help in getting to church. Last Sunday, we took an FX (imagine a smallish SUV with bench seats in the cargo area), buses, a trike, a jeepney, and the train to get to and from church. She’s also helping me improve my Tagalog!


Tagalog is phonetic and therefore quite easy to decode. It’s a great lesson in the difference between reading and decoding- I can sing along to songs I know while reading the words but have no idea what I’m saying! We sang “Count Your Blessings” a few weeks ago as the rain poured- and I mean poured so hard you could hardly hear a person speaking- down on the tin roofs around us. Blessed we are, indeed.

Why, you may ask, is there a picture of a door handle? This is the door to the upstairs bathroom (CR for comfort room here) that Amanda and I share at home. It is the door that got stuck- shut tight- while Amanda was inside. This is door on which we broke the head off of a hammer while trying to get her out, and the door that almost got whacked open with a cast-iron frying pan. Thankfully, Nicole pried the door open with the broken hammer head first. Ahhhh…just like the ads say, everything is more fun in the Philippines!

I’ll leave you with this and head for bed! Good night!


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