What to say…just “Thanks!”

It was downright chilly! Ok, maybe not…but I did sleep with two blankets (and the fan blowing on me!) a few nights this week. I am so grateful that the flooding that was expected with Typhoon Utor didn’t materialize, but there are many people dealing with devastation up north. Keep them in your prayers!

Warning: geeky teacher moment coming up!! I met with our literacy coach this week to discuss an integrated unit around Ancient Egypt, which is our first social studies unit. She had some great resources, including the idea for this chart. (Please forgive the not-so-straight lines; I used the level app on my phone for the first few and then just.wanted.to.be.done…hence crookedness. Perfectionism, be done, too!) It is basically a blown up KWL (with categories for confirmed knowledge and disproved ideas, too) with the areas of study on the vertical axis. I’m so excited to get this Egypt party started…I’m not so excited about mummifying chickens. More on that as I wrap my brain around it!

Mail!! Melody sent a postcard and Dorothy sent an adorable sewing kit, complete with notes for each section. What a fun surprise!!

Ok, Apple…you’ve won me over with FaceTime! It is so easy to chat for a few minutes (or a lot longer) with no need to sign in or pre-arrange anything. I got to join my Bugaboo and Little Man for Bible stories a few days ago, and I showed Bugs the wall decoration they got me: “Love you to the moon and back.”

That’s a peek into a few of my blessings at the moment. I am so undeservedly blessed and so humbly grateful.

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