And the firsts go on…

I wish I had photos for all of these, but I don’t. I do have a photo for the first one, though, and it’s a beauty!


This is the inside of a dragon fruit. Yep, you read that right- dragon fruit! It was a gift from Florence’s parents, and it was yummy! It’s apparently full of antioxidants, and has tiny little seeds in it. It would make a great smoothie, and it colors everything purple (think beets!).

Speaking of food and Florence, Sunday was also the first time I didn’t eat something that was offered to me because (*gasp!*) I didn’t like it. Florence and I had previously discussed the food here, and I shared (because Florence is cool about such things) that I really don’t appreciate fully the glory flavor of bitter gourd. It’s just really…bitter. If there was some hint of other flavor to it, maybe I could warm up to it.

In any case, I have eaten it several times in the last few months, but when a sweet lady at church offered me a mug full of bitter gourd soup, Florence intervened and declined for me. I felt bad because I was raised to NEVER (except in cases of food allergies) refuse what is offered because you don’t like it! Everyone got a good laugh out of it, though, and I don’t think anyone was offended.


This is a typical jeepney. (Photo from My Sari Sari Store photo blog, currently displaying tattoo photos.) I probably just haven’t been paying attention, but I noticed for the first time the other day that a plain, undecorated jeepney was next to me. No Mother Mary, no “God bless our trip!” No overdone photos of anyone. Weird!

Finally, I drove outside of a subdivision for the first time this week! Kelsie offered to let me drive to Bible study. Woo hoo! I know it doesn’t sound like much when you’ve been driving for over a decade, and the car operation wasn’t. Traffic here is legendary, though. If you’re looking for a peek into Manila, try the first few minutes of this video.


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