General Disclaimer

Wanna know the #1 reason I don’t hit “publish” on some posts? Wanna know why some posts never make it to the draft stage, even? It’s a single thought, innocent enough on its face:

It could be worse.

You see, my life is relatively easy. I don’t say that to boast; it’s not because of what I have done. I say it rather to acknowledge that there are many hard/terrible/tragic things that I have never experienced. There are daily complexities of life with children, life at different ages, and life with more of this or less of that.

It’s not that I want bad things to happen.

But I know that when I write a post about failure, it’s not because I invested my life savings in a new business that failed. I didn’t make a major movie that got awful reviews or lose an election (besides for V.P. of my sophomore class). You get the point.

I recognize that some people would love to be able to complain about the things I fuss about and worry about the things I ponder. So sometimes, I don’t fuss and ponder here.

However, I can only tell the story I’ve lived. I do my best to live it and tell it faithfully and sensitively, hoping and praying that the telling honors the One Who ultimately writes it.

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