Less is More.

Simplicity. There are times when choosing simplicity requires all sorts of effort. And then, my friend, there are times when you are blessed with simplicity out of sheer grace.

That feels like now.

Simplicity is relative, too. Two suitcases is a pared-down version of stuff for me right now. There is a lovely freedom in wearing the same clothes, drinking from the same mug, and having very little mess because there’s not a lot of mess to make.

But I still have more stuff than many of the people who live in my municipality. That’s a humbling but odd feeling, too. The range of socio-economic status here is not so simple, and I don’t think I’ll ever have a simple answer for the questions it raises.

For now, I’m settling in less-is-more mode. Fewer solid relationships mean more culture learning and deeper understanding. Fewer commitments means more adjusting, wrestling with the questions, and seeing the more.

Less is more.

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