An hour in the life…

(blank stare)
“Buko.  Coconut.” (hands miming the shape and size of a young coconut.)
(shakes head)

Apparently, no one in the market near my house (nor in the fruit and vegetable stalls across the ~6 lane road and down a ways) has a young coconut. No. one.  Not the people under the orange house nor around the corner nor across the street.  Maybe I came at the wrong time of day?  Regardless, our Bico cooking experience for Filipiniana Week will not be quite the same.

Fast forward an hour to our kitchen, where my roommates and I are discussing the rice we planned to eat with our curry for dinner.

“Are they baby cockroaches?”
“They’re hard to kill like cockroaches.”
“Maybe there are just a few.”
“The longer the rice sits here, the more of them crawl out.”
“Maybe they’re attracted to the light.”
“How many bugs is too many to eat the rice anyway- I mean, if we pick them out?”
(commence attempts to remove the bugs and put just rice into the rice cooker)
“Um…I don’t think this is working.”
“Maybe there are fewer down there…I’ll dig down deeper.”

and finally,
“I’ll go buy some rice from the sari-sari store.”

Life is definitely more fun in the Philippines!


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