Safe and Sound and Sad

The Philippines is a nation made up of 7,107 islands. It is located on the eastern edge of the Pacific Ocean, and typhoons come through several times a year.

But super typhoons don’t get their names lightly. And they don’t tread lightly.

Many are dead and many others are starting the process of recovering. Please pray that relief will come quickly amidst destroyed airports and damage that blocks roads. Pray that those who need medical care will get it and that supplies will get to hospitals.

For reports from those on the ground, check out an interactive map here.

Thank you to everyone who has checked in on me. Manila was sunny this morning; yesterday; yesterday afternoon, the sky had puffy white clouds on a blue sky. School was canceled on Friday due to the unknown nature of the typhoon and the storm signal over Metro Manila. It’s impossible to see that a super typhoon came through this country just 48 hours ago, and yet the sadness is almost palpable. Reports have been slow to come out because of the damage to phone lines and cell towers.


One thought on “Safe and Sound and Sad

  1. Angela, we are so relieved to see your note today. Praising God that you are safe and sound. Our prayers are with you and the people of the Philippines. May the Lord sustain you with health, strength, and inspiration during this time of restoration in the country.
    Tom and Janine King

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