Fun Friday @ Faith Academy

“It’s more fun in the Philippines!”

Filipiniana Week is a Faith Academy tradition, and it is a great chance for students (ok, and staff!) to learn about the Philippines! Fun Friday was scheduled for last Friday, but Typhoon Yolanda brought storm signal #2 in Manila and a school cancellation. So we pushed through today. I’m so glad we did!

This morning, our head of school, principal, and curriculum director kicked things off by eating balut– and my roommate Kelsie got in on the fun, too! We presented baskets filled with food to the some of the filipino staff who work with our kids. In the afternoon, the kids got to experience 10 different activities around our (stolen) theme: “It’s more fun in the Philippines!” Parents and staff helped out by hosting these experiences. Check out a few photos of our Fun Friday!

Flying kites (made last week in Tagalog class)

One friend’s kite: “I like Philippines because it is fun.”

Tininkling dancing

Tumbang Preso- hit the can with your shoes, then retrieve them before the “it” person tags you!

We had several more stations, including one from a fourth-generation missionary mom, karaoke (complete with “Jingle Bells”), and several other traditional games. The kids had a great time, and so did I!


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