Introducing Dori!


Meet Dori, my new-to-me (not new-to-this-world) car vehicle. I am soooo not an SUV person, but the whole flooding deal around here helped me in that direction. (SIdenote: it does seem like the most obnoxiously American, supersize everything decision I’ve made since I arrived to get a car that seats 10 for me. However, it was partially filled after church this afternoon with 6 friends. I plan to have company often!)

On Friday, Rich, Marla, and I went to pick her up. (Sidenote: They are basically amazing. Everyone should get a Rich and Marla but you can’t have mine unless you live around here. :P) When I got home, a miracle had occurred:


Now I know this looks rather ordinary to you. But notice that there is NO JEEPNEY IN THIS PHOTO!!! The only problem with getting a car was parking. The street above us has open spaces most of the time, so it wasn’t a major issue. But the fact that several parking spaces right across from our house have been occupied by dead (tires-flat, obviously-not-moving) jeepneys since we moved in…and probably a few decades before that.

And miraculously, on the same day we needed another parking space, one opened up.

The other adventure Dori and I had this weekend was the product of my foolishness. I left my lights on when I got to church this morning (30 minutes quicker than taking public!), so it became a church/neighborhood project to get her going again.


Many thanks to everyone who helped! What a blessing to be part of a community!


So I didn’t make it home any earlier than I would normally, but I did stop for groceries on the way home and take advantage of the lower price of diesel. Dori now has a functional battery and a full fuel tank, ready for the adventures ahead!


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