Relishing the Routine

Two days into a fresh semester (and can I say thank you to whoever decided that semester break should fall at Christmas?!), life is good. Aside from a slight bit of trouble getting up in the morning, I am so glad to be back in my classroom with my kiddos.

(My parents were here for two weeks of break and we had a delightful time with friends traveling the western side of Luzon. That could- and should- be a post of its own. Perhaps when I get some of my dad’s pictures…)

Whether it’s my firstborn tendancies, control issues, personality, or a combination of all three, I truly relish routine. A structure is comforting to me, and I feel a stronger ability to be creative when there are major building blocks in place. So…my classroom schedule is basically the same every day, as much as possible. After a semester together, my kids know what I expect and I know more of what to expect from them.

Beyond my personal preferences, though, there’s something glorious about settling in where you belong. And for now, this is where I belong. So on Monday morning, I’ll eat a typical breakfast, drive a now-familiar route to work, set the schedule on the whiteboard for the day, and give thanks for the routine.


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