OC Response to Typhoon Yolanda

You can see more here on the One Challenge site about this, but these photos will give you a peek into the OC response to the recent super typhoon, called Yolanda in the Philippines.   

Meet the Manns, a family who moved to the Philippines about a year before I did to work with OC.  Two of their kids are at Faith, and Wyatt (dad) has been involved in getting help to areas affected by Yolanda.  


The work of OC day-to-day is supporting pastors and churches as they reach their communities.  The goal is to have a church in every barangay (neighborhood/village) in the Philippines.  What does that mean when disaster strikes?  


In this instance, it means chainsaws and boat motors go through relationships to pastors in areas of need.  Chainsaws provide jobs as downed coconut trees need to be cleared and materials for rebuilding as coco lumber is used.  Boat motors allow fishermen to get back into the water.



While food and water are necessary (!), I appreciate that different aspects of relief and aid can come from around the world, through hands and feet on the ground, to enable people to rebuild.  There may not be easy answers, but there are often creative ones!


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