Do I really…trust God?

My car needs some serious fixes…she made it to school in 2nd gear yesterday (in part because I couldn’t shift out of 2nd gear).

My new name, according to my cell phone service provider, is Kendra. I got to spend some quality time with a few different customer service reps when my SIM card just. quit. working. after a service call to fix my phone data.

I quit using my iPad keyboard a minute ago because it is going crazy and typing 14 of each letter.

I’ve spent quite awhile listening to the hold notices from Cebu Pacific Airlines while on hold…using up all of my cell phone load this morning. Then, their feedback form on the website wouldn’t work. (In case you were wondering, all Cebu flights to and from Kuala Lumpur will be through the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. FYI. )

I realize, though, that none of these things are a huge deal. I have a car, a cell phone, an iPad with a keyboard, and a flight to change. On a worldwide scale, this puts me in the pretty-well-off camp.

So I can either get irritated with myself for being frustrated with these small inconveniences (my first choice, in this case), or recognize a lesson here. I say that I trust God. But when it comes down to it (and especially when I don’t feel great), I trust just as much in a functional car, cell phone, and customer service to fix issues quickly.

When the functional bit ends, my mood easily changes, too. I quickly forget about the lasting, healthy pieces of my life. I have so many amazing, steady, gracious people in my life. Given a choice between tech and people, I’ll choose people.

Even aside from that, the most important, more steadying, most gracious relationship in my life has not changed. He has listened to my vented frustration, reminded me of what’s really important, and shined a bit of the light of eternity to reveal how flimsy my trust in stuff really is.

Life goes on, in this case, and I’m ready to embrace a fresh gratitude..even if I’m still laughing about my new name.

-“Kendra” 🙂


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