Friday Night Fun

Photo on 10-24-14 at 8.48 PM #2

So…I was writing my Christmas letter (it was due yesterday for publishing and mailing so don’t think I’m ahead of the game!).  I was sitting by Cameron.  I was trying some stream-of-consciousness warmups for my brain before writing a document worth mailing out.

Here’s what I have:

“Ho! Ho! Ho! Have a jolly good year!”  That’s what Cameron Henderson (“emphasis Henderson”), my sixth-grade friend recommended I write to you.  I am staying with him and his brother Tristan this week as their parents are out of the country.  We are having a grand time in our second hour of dinner…apparently eating chicken is hard work.

In reality, it is a gift to have family away from my family on that side of the ocean.  Sometimes, that means Tuesday night dinners.  Sometimes, it means guardianship during international trips.  Often, it involves trying a new dessert recipe Marla has concocted.  Yum! 

So dear letter recipients, this text will not arrive in your inbox or mailbox come December. If you’re not on the mailing list but want to get these amazing letters (ha!), shoot me an email. 🙂  You never know what you’re gonna get!


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