Giving Thanks…Aunts and Uncles and Cousins, Oh My!

Is it weird that there is no plural, gender-neutral word for aunts and uncles?  Do you ever think about the words that don’t exist in your language?  Or do you know a word like that?

I digress.  This is a quick post to kick off a week of posts dedicated to expressing gratitude.  I’ve been absent from the blog despite many thoughts of “I should post!”  So here goes.


A very exciting meal of Thai food this summer with my Uncle Rick and Aunt Joy

One of the joys of my adult life (and of the last year in particular) has been fresh, grown up relationships with my parents’ siblings.  As I started the process of sharing my plans to come to the Philippines, my aunts and uncles were some of the first to start supporting me (in various ways), and they continue to do so.  Cousins have jumped in with kind encouragement, scripture, and love.  I get delightful emails sharing how they are praying for me, and I got to see many of them in the States over Christmas.  My Aunt Dondi came to visit in November, and we had a blast!


Dinner with my Aunt Dondi. (Yes, we like to eat!)

My childhood was filled with holidays and family reunions with extended family, so it’s not that I have discovered people I never knew.  I am, however, enjoying this sweet blessing of extended family putting a lot of effort into investing in my life and ministry.  From gifts for my classroom (math game!) to many prayers for me from my aunts and uncles and cousins,  I am giving thanks for all this love!

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