What’s next?

The last six months have been filled (internally at least!) with this question.  I initially came to Faith Academy on a two-year commitment, not knowing what God had in store for me beyond those two years.  My usual response to the question about the future was, “God was clear when He sent me; He’ll be clear about the next step.”

Sometimes, I could say that with full confidence.  At other times, my faith wavered, and I worried about a possible uncertainty when the time for decision came.

God has been faithful, though, in making His plan for next year clear.  While I can’t say what the rest of my life will look like, I do feel confident that I should be at Faith Academy, serving the kids of missionaries for the next school year.

What does that mean when you are a missionary?  It means making sure you have a team in place for prayer, emotional, and financial support.  I know that my financial support need will increase some.  (That is, in large part, due to a lot of one-time gifts when I first came to the Philippines.  What a blessing they were!  Now, I’m praying for ongoing monthly support as well.)  If you would like to share your plans to pray, update your subscription preferences for newsletters and email updates, or let me know about your desire to be part of my financial support team, please fill out the survey here: http://goo.gl/forms/6yyoorykwK.

Please feel free to pass on this post and/or the link to others who may be interested, and pray that God will guide me in this journey!  My desire is to see His kingdom come and His will done here on earth, just like it is done in heaven.

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