Join the team!

Hello!  Welcome to my little space on the internet.  I’m really excited to share how you can join the team of amazing people who support me in serving at Faith Academy in the Philippines. First, please pray!  The last two years have been filled with more answered prayers than I had ever seen before, and I know that God is thrilled to partner with us as we pray.  Would you ask God to

  • give me wisdom with selling my car and buying a new one?  She’s strugglin’ lately!
  • help me to keep my focus on Him in the next three especially busy months!
  • provide the financial support I need in His timing.
  • bless these last five weeks of third grade with this class.

Next, see if you might be part of the solution.  As I finish my “short term” commitment at Faith, there are a few changes to my financial situation.  Between health insurance and visa changes, the cost of being here is going up.  I was also blessed with a lot of one-time support when I first came (which was great!), but I am specifically praying for people to partner with me through:

  • Monthly commitments.  Maybe it’s $10 each month.  Maybe it’s $100 each month.  You can sign up to give automatically through  This becomes grocery money, gas money, etc.
  • A one-time gift, specifically for replacing my car.  Dori has been awesome, but she’s required major work each month since November.  I just don’t trust her anymore. 😦  If you’d like to do this, please note that it is for my car.  This can also be done online.  Or, either type of gift can be mail directly to One Challenge with a note that it is for me.

Finally, share!  If you have a friend who might be interested, attend a church that would like to help send a missionary, or know a small group that would like to learn more, pass the word.  How?

  • I am happy to Skype in to share about this work.
  • Share the video and this blog post.
  • Let me know if we could meet up in June or July when I am back in the States for a bit.

If God is calling you to join the team, please let me know!  Shoot me an email at angeladawn at gmail dot com, message me on Facebook, or fill out the survey at I’m excited to have you join the team! IMG_4007IMG_4009IMG_4010IMG_4036IMG_4012 IMG_4014IMG_4015IMG_4016 IMG_4017IMG_4018 IMG_4019IMG_4020IMG_4021IMG_4022IMG_4033 -Angela (with help from a few of my kids!)

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