Two-by-Fours and Transfer

Sometimes, it seems, I’m especially dull.  If life were a video game, I’d be stuck in this level

The whole trusting God thing? It seems I learn the lesson in one area and poof!- I’ve forgotten it.

In education, we talk about learning for transfer.  You can apply what you know about adaptation in science to adapting fairy tales when you understand that adaptations are significant differences.  But my ability to transfer spiritual truth across the areas of my life seems to be a bit lacking.

The disciples struggled similarly, it seems.  Jesus fed 5,000 people with five loaves and two fish, then had 12 baskets left over.  He fed 4,000 people with seven loaves, then had seven baskets left over.  Sometime afterward, the disciples discussed their lack of bread with concern, not understanding Jesus’ words.  So Jesus walked them through it, remembering His provision in each circumstance.

Sometimes, it seems, it takes a two-by-four over the head to learn a lesson.  These stories have come up in my personal Bible reading, my students’ chapel production (pictured below), and at church today.  If I can’t make the transfer to my own life, God will bring reminders to help.

Feeding the crowd
Feeding the crowd

If the kids’ production wasn’t enough, a friend texted me during chapel to get my attention:

LOOK AT GOD!  As in, look what He has done…and can do…and will do!

So after a rough week, and looking at some challenges ahead, I’m taking a few moments to rehearse the provisions of my faithful Father in heaven in the past.  When I look at those challenges, I pray for grace to trust a bit more.  Transfer may be slow, but it’s happening!

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