I like to ask big questions.  I like to think about big answers.  I like to dream big dreams.  I get afraid of what big answers and big dreams could mean.  I like to learn and think about what I’m learning.

Thanks for reading.  I welcome comments, thoughts, ideas, etc.  If you think about a post, comment with your thoughts.  I’d love to hear read them!

4 thoughts on “Me

  1. Tempe
    May 12, 2007

    Angela Dawn,
    (Angel of the Dawn)
    What a beautiful name for a young lady that is such a beautiful person in so many ways.

    From the day four years ago when we met you for the first time you have been such a blessing to us.
    You just brightened our lives each time you came over.
    We feel that we have had a wonderful relationship with you and we will consider you one of our best friends for life.

    We congratulate you on the accomplishments in the past 16 years of school and especially on the high marks and achievments at ASU.

    You are now starting on a new phase of your career, and you wil find new paths to follow and new bridges to cross. There may even be mountains to climb and rivers so to speak without bridges, but we know God will lead you all the way. Hold to his hand whether the times are easy or hard. As the little boy said in the story: “The Lord is my Sheperd and that’s all I need.”

    We are confident that you will do great things for the Lord wherever you are, and in whatever calling you choose.

    Please continue to consider our home open at any time you need help, a place to hang out or just to chat a while.

    May GOD pour out HIS many BLESSINGS to you all the days of your life.

    Read Psalm 84:11,12 and Jer. 29:11.

    Your substitute Gr-parents and now your friends.
    We love you as one of our own.

    Wayne and Erma.

  2. I ran across this link when I was at Heartburn cafe podcast. I thought the song I heard was great! THIS IS THE DAY….Amen and amen, siter!!!
    Pat from Kansas

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