Greetings from Manila!

Hello from Manila!

I arrived last (Saturday) night after 14 hours in the air, three meals in the air, one and a half movies (I fell asleep part way through the second), and 3 Reader’s Digests (thanks, Mom!) Everything went smoothly, I picked up my luggage, and Rich and Marla met me at the shiny Manila airport. (It was built since I was last here.)

Rich is the OC/Philippine Challenge team leader, and he has helped me to get everything in order to come. He and his wife, Marla, offered to let me stay with them for a bit to get adjusted, and I crashed last night after face-timing the fam to let them know I’d arrived safely.

This morning, we went to church and out to Dominos (yes, pizza!) afterward. We’ll leave soon to take one of their sons to Faith Academy (FA) to leave for camp, and I’ll get a tour.

It’s a little crazy to be here after so many years of praying, hoping, and preparing. I am very grateful for a few days to get on this schedule, adjust to the heat and humidity (so far, so good!), and get some help in finding the grocery store, etc. The teacher in me can’t wait to get started on planning, putting my room together, etc. but I’m really trying to enjoy these moments now.

Love to all!